Travel Automation Simplified

It is certain that anyone who is involved in running travel business or managing travel for a large corporation knows how important reliable automation can be to stay competitive in the market and to provide travelers with hassle-free travel experience. It is essential to always look for ways to increase efficiency and accuracy in mid office layer of booking process to be able to identify and fix shortcomings of corporate online booking tools and provide clean data stream to back office. The solutions available in the market are very few. They are time consuming to implement, difficult to manage and quite often way too costly for an average travel agency.

A group of dedicated professional has decided to tackle this problem by trying to develop custom mid office solution for a corporate travel agency. The endeavor ended with great success. The custom-built mid office solution was able to fully replace previous QC platform and gave the agency an ability to add many more modules to the original solution in order to handle specific QC needs not available before which included some very complex routines, PNR operations and, most importantly, significantly decreased the cost of running automation while increasing operational efficiency. This custom built solution gave us good understanding of travel industry and business travel automation needs as well as helped us to gain confidence and experience in programming for GDS, therefore we decided to take our experience in travel automation to the next level by building a more robust, flexible and GUI configurable mid office environment for business travel as well as to create a solid and reliable set of tools to help travel managers and travel agencies to increase productivity, accuracy and revenue.