Travel Automation has become an integral part of the workflow for any travel management company. In corporate business travel there is also an additional layer of complexity in handling various rules and policies to comply with CTD or Travel Agency back office requirements. Thereby, travel automation tools perform an important role through various software applications by making travel reservation process more robust, cost efficient, agent friendly or often completely touchless. However, software development for travel industry, specifically for business travel, faces many obstacles such as ability to handle different GDS communication and data parsing challenges, necessity to operate within multiple GDS environments, meeting ever increasing demand of travel managers, agents and also growing expectations of end travellers. Travel Soft Group has been involved in building travel automation tools since the early days of GDS API integration which gave us the ability to overcome or adjust to many of the challenges above and build a reliable communication platform which in return allowed us to create a comprehensive set of tools demanded by the travel industry in order to streamline booking process and maximize the efficiency of business travel.